[Tracker] Tracker 0.0.3 has just been released

The third release of Tracker is now available at:



Tracker is a powerful metadata database and Search tool. It is also an indexer framework that provides the ability to index, store, retrieve and search all types of file metadata including user defined ones.

Tracker automatically monitors your filesystem and harvests metadata from files and indexes the text contents of them whenever they change.

Tracker can provide google-like searches of your data as well as more sophisticated queries and enables users/applications to create arbitrary metadata for just about anything.

Tracker is super efficient with your systems memory when compared with some other competing frameworks and is designed for use on low memory systems.


* Redesigned DBus Api to be more generic

* Corrected search results of hyphenated search terms

* Added support for limiting no. of hits for searches

* Added optional support for sorting search results by relevance score

* A few minor bug fixes (Updating file name metadata correctly during move, correcting use of hyphenated search terms)

* Streamlined the inlined version of libextractor and improved build system and fixed bug in previous version which prevented compilation of the inlined version.

Tracker's other features include:

* Very memory efficient and non-leaking (typical RAM usage 4 - 6 MB). Unlike some other indexers, tracker is designed and built to run well on lower memory systems with typically 128MB or 256MB memory. It should even be efficient enough to use on some mobile devices.

* Non-bloated and written in C for maximum efficiency.

* Fast indexing and unobtrusive - no need to index stuff overnight. Tracker runs at nice+10 so it should have a minimal impact on your system.

* Integrated as a Nautilus search backend and as a Deskbar applet backend.

* Implements the freedesktop specification for metadata http://freedesktop.org/wiki/Standards_2fshared_2dfilemetadata_2dspec

* Extracts embedded File, Image, Document and Audio type metadata from files.

* Extracts embedded metadata from HTML, PDF, PS, OLE2 (DOC, XLS, PPT), OpenOffice (sxw), StarOffice (sdw), DVI, MAN, MP3 (ID3v1 and ID3v2), OGG, WAV, EXIV2, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, DEB, RPM, TAR(.GZ), ZIP, ELF, REAL, RIFF (AVI), MPEG, QT and ASF files

* Supports the WC3's RDF Query syntax for querying metadata

* Provides support for both free text search (like Beagle/Google) as well as structured searches using RDF Query

* Respond in real time to file system changes to keep its metadata database up to date and in synch

* Fully extendable with custom metadata - you can store, retrieve, register and search via RDF Query all your own custom metadata

* Can extract a file's contents as plain text and index them

* Provides text filters for PDF, MS Office, OpenOffice (all versions), HTML and PS files.

* Can provide thumbnailing on the fly

Mr Jamie McCracken

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