Re: [Tracker] text search is implicitly always OR

On 07/26/06/07/06 16:38 +0200, Marcus Fritzsch wrote:

when searching with tracker-search or nautilus (which is just a
killer-feature, by the way), it is not possible to narrow the search
by using multiple 'words' --- all words are always ORed together.

Is this an issue for someone? Anybody discussed this earlier? (did not
found it by searching the list's archive)
yes. after you wrote me yesterday (below) that my terms are ORed together because of the arguments of tracker-search, I tried putting them inside quotes half an hour ago, but that actually also does not seem to help (as you point out just now).

Isn't this related to tracker-search's expected arguments:

$ tracker-search
usage - tracker-search SearchTerm [mimetype]


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