Re: Need advice on correct configuration for an SMTP Transport account

En 24/05/10 18:19, Steve Rosen escribiu:
Hi All,

I just wanted to let you know that I (finally!) got Tmut to
actually send out an email, using my Comcast SMTP server!

The solution?  It looks like when I changed the "auth meth"
for the transport account from "login" to "LOGIN" - and viola! -
I could now send out an email...  :)

Now I just need to make my little console application do the
same thing, and I'm (almost) done!  After showing that I can
send an email, I just need to write the code to get notification
that my Gmail inbox has changed (new email, or existing email
deleted, etc.)...

The best way to do that is most likely to perform a refresh_async at scheduled intervals and get the changes in a folder monitor. Tinymail can return a list of headers that were added/deleted/changed.


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