Re: Patch: more responsive header list model

Having a boolean argument seems a bit weird to me Dape, because it gives
the impression that you can disable the update in batches when it's
actually false. Why not just passing the amount of headers?


José Dapena Paz escribiu:
> 	Hi,
> 	This patch adds a new method to TnyGtkHeaderListModel, to allow to
> change the behavior of the headers load, to be more responsive (and
> slower.
> 	The new method is tny_gtk_header_list_model_set_update_in_batches(). If
> TRUE (default option and previous behavior) it will load in batches of
> 3000 headers in notify_views_add.
> 	If FALSE, it will load in batches of 300 headers, so it will be more
> responsive (allowing processing of events more frequently, more
> incremental load of the data, etc).
> Changelog entry:
> 	* libtinymailui-gtk/tny-gtk-header-list-model.c:
> 	new method tny_gtk_header_list_model_set_update_in_batches
> 	to change the way headers are exposed to tree model. If
> 	TRUE (previous behavior and default behavior), then it will
> 	load 3000 headers in each run. If FALSE, it will load 300
> 	headers in each run, so it will allow more processing of
> 	gtk events (and more responsiveness).
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