Re: Message getting strategy

En 11/08/10 07:31, evolution test escribiu:
> Hello,
> I would like to know what is message collection strategy followed in
> tinymail.
> I have got the account detail (account uri) & know the folder name from
> which i need to get message.
> My query is :
> - Do tinymail first get the header detail for all the mail & show on gui.

You first need to get the header and then use it to retrieve the
message. There is another possibility which is to retrieve the message
using a URL but that is not really very usable as you need to know the
whole URL to the message.

> - once user click on any message then he will get the content for same
> message.

This is responsibility of the application not tinymail's. Normally when
developing an application with tinymail you get all the headers of a
folder and show them. Then once the user clicks on one of them you use
it to retrieve the message and show it.

> - is their any difference in handling message receving streategy for
> imap & pop account.

The retrieving strategy is indeed different. And you can also implement
whatever strategy you want. POP always downloads the whole messages but
for IMAP you can download them completely or if you use the BODYSTRUCT
strategy, download MIME parts on demand from the server (for example
only body and not the attachments)

> - How different type of MIME-Type filtering taken care. (like if message
> have Multipart/alternative then do we use only HTML part or we use
> text/plain as well (It is just an example)).

I don't really understand this question. But if you mean which part is
used as "body" to be shown to the user, that depends on the application.
Tinymail just gives you a TnyMimePart which represents a message. Then
you have to select the one you want to show to the user (tipycally
checking the MIME type).

> i don't no if i am asking so many question in one mail but i am very
> querious to know about complete strategy

It's fine, but remember that checking the code is the best
documentation, and also I keep saying that Modest is a good real world
example everybody could use to learn how to use tinymail.


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