Re: help : Required for send mail error for second time onwards

Hi Philip,

I understand that GMainLoop is required to catch the signals from the tinymail.
However tinymail is not invoking the call back function specified
during the _add_async() function call.
Does the call back is dependent on the GMainLoop ?

During my successful cases, the following is the sequence of events
occurs after invokiing add_async( ).

-- Invoked Call back function
-- queue-start signal
--queue-stop signal
--msg-sending signal
--msg-sent signal

In failure cases, even the call back function is not invoked.


On 5/20/09, Philip Van Hoof <spam pvanhoof be> wrote:
> On Wed, 2009-05-20 at 13:59 +0200, Sergio Villar Senin wrote:
>> sunil kumar escribiu:
>> > Hello sergio,
>> >
>> >   Thanks for replaying ,
>> >
>> >  We are not getting any callback from tinymail after calling
>> > add_async( ) in failure cases.
>> > Below are the last debug logs from the Tinymail:
>> >
>> > TnyCamelQueue: tny_camel_folder_get_headers_async_default is on the
>> > stage, now performing
>> > TnyCamelQueue: user callback starts
>> Well, tinymail API's always call the callbacks, even in error cases. If
>> that's not happening then maybe your code is stopping somewhere else.
> Indeed , for Tinymail's callbacks to happen you must not block the
> GMainLoop of your application.
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