Patch: Typo error in tny-camel-mime-part.c


I am Thomas Guillem and I am working with Martin Bonnin.

I found a bug in tinymail with some mails sent by Microsoft outlook 11
(and others maybe), an iso-8859-1 encoding problem with simple quote "'"
and "...".

I searched in tinymail sources and found a typo error in

I attached a patch.

It solved my problem with outlook mails.

Thomas Guillem
Étudiant en GI03 (Génie Informatique) à l'UTBM (
Index: libtinymail-camel/tny-camel-mime-part.c
--- libtinymail-camel/tny-camel-mime-part.c    (revision 3795)
+++ libtinymail-camel/tny-camel-mime-part.c    (working copy)
@@ -720,7 +720,7 @@
 	if (dw->mime_type && (charset = camel_content_type_param 
 			(dw->mime_type, "charset")) && 
-		g_ascii_strncasecmp(charset, "iso-8859+-", 9) == 0) 
+		g_ascii_strncasecmp(charset, "iso-8859-", 9) == 0) 
 		CamelStream *null;

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