Broken behaviour in the demo-ui

Recently I decided to push more of the review process of Tinymail
towards peer-review between Rob Taylor, Sergio Villar and myself.

Apparently since some time has the behaviour of the demo user interface
got broken.

The demo-user interface is among the most simplistic use-case (in code)
of the Tinymail library. Since conception has the code of the demo-user
interface never been altered (unless for API changes) and never has the
demo-user interface been wrong. There's no discussion possible when it's
about trying to "correct" the demo-user interface: The demo-user
interface is right, it's *always* the mistake of the library and *has
always been* the mistake of the library in the past too.

This means that a commit to the library has broken the expected
behaviour. Let me be crystal clear about that.

The broken behaviour is that in the demo-ui every folder underneath
INBOX appears duplicated in the demo-user interface.

This problem will of course need to be fixed. I want to release Tinymail
1.0 very soon so in case this broken behaviour doesn't get fixed I will
as a, in my opinion, completely reasonable solution, start rolling back
patches until the behaviour is correct.

I urge peer-reviewers to test each patch against the demo-user interface
instead of *only* their own E-mail clients.

An immediate consequence is that I hereby block all patches, including
patches #10 and #12. I don't want to infect the code with more patches
until the broken behaviour is fixed.

Hoping this problem gets fixed soon,


Philip Van Hoof, freelance software developer
home: me at pvanhoof dot be 
gnome: pvanhoof at gnome dot org

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