Re: Response 554 from Server :- Relay access denied

nimit manglick wrote:
> Hi,

hi Nimit,

> I am facing some problem while i am trying to send an mail to some other
> domain like gmail using Tinymail
> I am able to send the mail successfully within the domain.
> I am getting the response from Server as :- Response 554 Relay access
> denied.
> I have tried to find it on google where i came to know that i need to
> enable "Server needs authentication"
> in my email client (tinymail), so i want to know how can i enable it in
> tinymail.
> I am configuring camel-lite by enabling open-ssl option.

Last time I saw this it was due to the reply-to and sender fields being
something other than the server expected, like user imap yahoo com
rather than user yahoo com 


> Thanks & Regards'
> Nimit Manglick
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