RE: The annual "I'll change everything" report :)

Hi Philip, 

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> This is a braindump for a Tinymail 2.0. These items might or might not
> happen. Given that the list of wanted changes is big, it's 
> quite likely
> that relatively few of them will actually happen (at least if I'm to
> make all the changes myself).

Some other things that might be interesting:

- thinking about hiding some of the details of threading/locking to
  programmers. right now, it requires some very careful programming and
  knowing about tinymail internal not to causes race conditions. this
  might not be easy though...

- putting some higher-level stuff that many clients might need inside
  it could be taken from modest for example, such as:
	- text -> html conversion
	- parsing email addresses
	- creating forward/reply messages
	- finding the message body
	- ...

- some requested features:
	- recursively updating an imap subtree
	- support server-side sent
	- support for message threading
  some if not all of this is already possible, but require a lot of

Best wishes,

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