Major improvements in stability

Today a lot of big changes happened. Mostly in the sessionwork branch:

A lot of this has been merged to trunk today too. It would be very good
if a lot people stress tested the demo-ui. By that I mean that you are
allowed to totally break it. Try to make it crash. Hammer it. Click on
everything as fast as you can.

Create both POP and IMAP accounts and make a lot of them. If you need
IMAP servers and POP servers, you can launch a bunch using this QEmu
image. The current image has both IMAP and POP for you. If you want some
items in the INBOX (for the POP account): just open it in IMAP and move
some emails from another folder to the INBOX.

The idea is to make Tinymail rock stable and NOT hang ever at all. 

The sessionwork branch is most likely not always going to work. This is
a work in progress. On Sunday we're for example going to commit some
major new changes here (bringing the alert, password and forget password
functions to the GMainLoop).

I for example notices that sometimes if there's only one account
defined, and its folders are not cached, that no folders are pulled
locally from the remote server. This is obviously get fixed.

It would be nice if people would nevertheless test the demo-ui in the
sessionwork branch too. 

If you want Tinymail to be a product, I'll need your testing and
experimenting a lot now. 

Also, don't hesitate to Just Dive In The Code and go take a look. I have
been adding really a lot of inline comments and documentation lately. A
lot of the account-connecting, _async_default and initialisation
procedures are very well documented inside the code.

Be Brave. Go take a look :)

Philip Van Hoof, software developer
home: me at pvanhoof dot be 
gnome: pvanhoof at gnome dot org

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