Re: Incrementally filling up the view

On Wed Feb 14 01:17:54 2007, Philip Van Hoof wrote:
Dave was teasing me that his E-mail client can show the first 25 headers
of a 50.000 messages sized mailbox at 1.38 seconds in his view.

Well, have to show off somehow. Real showing off would involve counting the octets from a cacheless state, where it has to load in its configuration over the network too.

Although caused by the fact that he uses pipelining he can also allow the user to already start working with the messages themselves, and that this most likely wont be possible (unless I would start a new connection to get the message while retrieval of the summary, in the background, takes place) ... I did get incrementally filling up the view working in the demo ui of tinymail.
You can also fetch the summary data in smaller chunks, which allows a faster response time when the user wants to read a message (or whatever).

I'm expecting all this to start working between now and a month and demo
-ready around FOSDEM.

The good news is that Dave will be at FOSDEM. And I was hoping to be the
smartest IMAPper at FOSDEM this year. Damn :)

I won't be either - since Alexey Melnikov is also showing up.

Dave Cridland - mailto:dave cridland net - xmpp:dwd jabber org
 - acap://
Infotrope Polymer - ACAP, IMAP, ESMTP, and Lemonade

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