TODO (Was: Your live now has a purpose: I added error checking to a lot methods)

* Adding GError to connecting or to a callback that would happen if
connection fails or succeeds
* Adding GError to subscribing and unsubscribing TnyFolders using a
TnyStoreAccount or TnyFolderStore
* Adding GError to TnyStream
* Adding GError to TnyMimePartSaveStrategy and TnyMimePartSaver
* Adding GError to libtinymailui things that can use it (I'm not sure
which or what yet)
* Adding GError to TnyFolderStoreQuery (in case the pattern can't be
* Triple checking all new error-handling code

On Mon, 2006-11-27 at 23:28 +0100, Philip Van Hoof wrote:
> If you where bored before reading this, good news!
> Your live will now have a purpose! Helping me with adding a huge amount
> of error checking and API adaptations to add "GError **err" to the
> arguments of methods that can fail (only methods that logically can
> fail).
> I did a lot for you already. Go ahead and check it out.
> The API docs and the API itself will of course be updated frequently the
> coming days. But don't worry, just pass NULL for the new extra argument
> and everything will be like before.
Philip Van Hoof, software developer
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