Re: Techniques to detect API/ABI changes

On Fri, 2006-11-24 at 21:36 +0100, �stein Gisn�wrote:
> 2006/11/13, Philip Van Hoof <spam pvanhoof be>:

> I thought about for a second. We're basically talking unit tests here.
> Unit tests for public symbols that really test the API like they
> should. Does tinymail have any private methods by the way? Things that
> can be tested with unit tests but are not exposed to the rest of the
> system?

Yes, a lot of things can be tested but are not exposed as public

> My idea is to put together a special suite of unit tests for testing
> the API. It should only test what's exposed through the library
> headers. I also think it should test against the libraries installed
> on the system, that is using .pc files to resolve flags. That way we
> can test against the installed version. During development, breakage
> will show in the normal unit tests. When it's time for release we can
> test the new codebase against the previous released version and in
> theory get a list of broken APIs.
> I hacked together a Makefile in a directory parallel to
> libtinymail-test/, and it was quite simple to get things going..

Ok. Go ahead and show me your experiments early so that I can tell you
what I would and what I wouldn't like early too :)

Feel free to jabber me: me at pvanhoof dot be is also my jabber id.

Philip Van Hoof, software developer
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