Crash in tinymail demo UI

Hi all,

Some time ago I opened a ticket in Trac reporting that I was able to make
Tinymail's demo ui crash easily and repeatably. Unfortunately, I
disappeared to sit my exams before we could get to the bottom of it.

Having emerged again, I've synced my SVN tree up and have built the
tinymail demo UI from source on a Debian 4.0 (testing/unstable).

I should point out that there are a few odd things about my testing setup;
I'm running the UI over X11 forwarding to an off-site Windows machine, as
my build/test machine doesn't have an X server. I'm attaching the demo UI
to a Dovecot IMAP server, which has about fifteen folders and up to 300
messages in some of the folders.

My build log is at:

I can reproducibly crash the Tinymail demo UI by starting the program and
logging in to the IMAP server. I then expand the folder tree, and hold the
down key to scroll all the way down the folder tree. When I hit the
bottom, I hold the up key; and so on and so forth.

Within a matter of seconds or minutes, tinymail exits on a segmentation

The console output, and a thread backtrace using GDB on the core file, is
available at:

I would make the core file available, except it's 2.5GB in size - if you
would like me to run further GDB investigation, please let me know.

I should point out that I have previously been able to get the UI program
to crash in a few different places, including one where it gobbles the
entire stack on every useful thread, so I'm referring to this particular
issue by the PID 13968.

Anyway, take a look, and see if you think it's a bug. If anyone needs more
information, I'm subscribed to the list. Philip or others - if you'd like
access to the core file, I might be able to sort you out temporary SSH
access to one of the machines here.


David Adam
zanchey ucc gu uwa edu au

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