Re: About folder subscriptions

There's also a public one. And I think the account also has a public one
for this (for API simplicity, I only want one).

I still have to refactor/rethink the folder subscriptions. Feel free to
assist me with this (I haven't got the time to do this, it hasn't been a
top priority item).

It should be possible to get a list of unsubscribed folders, a list of
subscribed folders, a list of both and it should be possible to
subscribe and unsubscribe folders. And when it happens, a signal should
be emitted that tells the observers to reload their folder-list.

For getting these lists, I added the query thingy. That should already
be possible atm.

On Mon, 2006-11-20 at 12:32 +0100, Sergio Villar Senin wrote:
> Hi all,
> anybody knows why _tny_camel_folder_set_subscribed is a "protected"
> method, and why this functionality is not available through the
> TnyFolder interface?
> Br
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