RE: Build Error

On Tue, 2006-11-14 at 20:17 +0800, Nitin Mahajan nokia com wrote:

Hey Nitin,

> I have one small question, I am not able to see the mails in the Demo UI
> for the configured E-mail account neither POP nor IMAP. I am configuring
> the E-mail account in gconf as per the instructions in the README file.
> Is there anyting in addition to this one has to do to make the Demo UI
> successfully run?

No, what the README fail says should be all you need to do for the demo
user interface to work.

You need:

/apps/tinymail/cache_dir = ".tinymail"
/apps/tinymail/accounts/count = 1
/apps/tinymail/accounts/0/name = "test"
/apps/tinymail/accounts/0/proto = "imap"
/apps/tinymail/accounts/0/type = "store"
/apps/tinymail/accounts/0/hostname = "server"
/apps/tinymail/accounts/0/user = "username"

Note: not 00, nor 01 or 02 but 0, 1, 2 starting with 0.

> I am building on Fedora Core 4 with --enable-gnome=no cause with this
> thing enabled the build always fails for me. I am using rev 1115 for
> Tinymail.

What is the build error? Is it related to NetworkManager? It's possible
that the API of NetworkManager changed since whatever FC4 got released.

I'll sooner or later install a Fedora Core 4 and try it myself.
Nevertheless would the compilation error be useful I think.

The gnome features are, however, indeed, features that target the latest
version of some gnome technologies.



> Also, Does camel-lite configuration allow me to disable GPG and Movemail
> for timebeing or techinically is it possible to use camel-lite without
> them.

I don't know, go ahead and try to disable the files in the
and you tell me? :)

If this makes it more easy/flexible for you to use tinymail for your
device or solution, we can make this a switch. I would support and
commit myself to support such a compilation switch.

But unless I can invoice you on it, I can't give it a high priority
myself: I already have a nice big todo list for another department ;-),
it's only fair that I give those features and items a priority.

Maybe somebody else on this ml is interested?

Philip Van Hoof, software developer
home: me at pvanhoof dot be
gnome: pvanhoof at gnome dot org
work: vanhoof at x-tend dot be

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