RE: libtinymail-camel dependecies

On Tue, 2006-10-31 at 21:18 +0800, Nitin Mahajan nokia com wrote:

> Seeing the sources of camel-lite I feel that for SSL support it has an
> option of linking to Mozilla's NSS library or the OpenSSL library. By
> default when I am building it on Linux it takes Mozilla's libraries and
> does not look for OpenSSL library. If this understanding of mine is
> correct the I have the following questions,
> 1. Whether camel's SSL functionality is complete if we make the OpenSSL
> library available to it instead of Mozilla's NSS.
> 2. Whether replacing  #define HAVE_SSL 1 with  #define HAVE_OPENSSL 1
> will make the OpenSSL library available to it instead of Mozilla's NSS.

I reimplemented the support for OpenSSL in Tinymail's Camel.

If you don't have Mozilla's NSS, it will attempt to find OpenSSL's
libraries and include files.

If found, it will automatically compile with support for OpenSSL.

In GConf you simply add the string "use_ssl=always" to a list-field
called "options" per account.

During the configure script, you should see this:

checking Mozilla NSPR pkg-config module name... checking Mozilla NSS pkg-config module name... checking for NSPR and NSS... nochecking for EVP_md5 in -lcrypto... yes
checking Support for SSL... yes (OpenSSL)
checking Support for SMIME... no

SSL support should also work with Mozilla NSS. In that case not
camel-tcp-stream-openssl.c but camel-tcp-stream-ssl.c is compiled and
used that implements the support for SSL.

Have Fun Nitin

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