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Hi Philip,

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>Hi there fellow hackers being punished each time I break the API,
>o. The tnymozembedmsgview and tnymozembedstream types are moved to a
>new library called libtinymailui-mozembed.
>o. You can compile tinymail with --enable-gnome and --enable-mozembed
>for enabling and disabling gnome features and the gtkmozembed html
>widget. The enable-mozembed will be --with-htmlwidget=mozembed onze
>Dirk has finished his GtkHTML version ;-)

done :-) not sure if it would be good to move to tinymail though, but we can see some time.

strategy is a bit different from mozembed; in our case, even text messages are rendered through gtkhml(3.8). Reason for that if we would have GtkTextView for text-mails and GtkHTML for html-mails, a lot of further implementation would be duplicated, or have small annoying differences between the two -- I am talking about things like copy/paste/select-all/search/fonts/zooming etc. etc.

Besides, I like clickable URLs, even in text-mails :-) and I like to define my own regexps for that, as they can be system-specific.

The (hackish) solution is to use a tny_txt_buffer_stream to retrieve the text from the message, and then convert it to HTML.

>o. Each tnymsgviewiface now has to set a tnysavestrategy.
>There's a tnysavestrategy implemented for Gtk+ which will support
>gnome-vfs if --enable-gnome is turned on, and which will use a normal
>filesystem file descriptor if not. Both the tnymsgview and the
>tnymozembedmsgview use this one in the libtinymail-gnome-desktop
>platform implementation.

What is the goal of the savestrategy (besides using yet another design pattern :-)?  For saving to disk I guess... but for 'Save as...', or for caching purposes?


Cool stuff ;-)

>Conclusion: the implementer of a platform library has even greater
>flexibility at his hands now. He can define how to save a file. How to
>view a message (with or without a HTML component). How to get notified
>about offline and online state of the device. And how to store

We have our own MsgView and AccountStore; and soon also our own Device I guess...

Best wishes,

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