Some changes gna gna

Hi there fellow hackers being punished each time I break the API,

o. The tnymozembedmsgview and tnymozembedstream types are moved to a new
library called libtinymailui-mozembed. 

o. You can compile tinymail with --enable-gnome and --enable-mozembed
for enabling and disabling gnome features and the gtkmozembed html
widget. The enable-mozembed will be --with-htmlwidget=mozembed onze Dirk
has finished his GtkHTML version ;-)

o. Each tnymsgviewiface now has to set a tnysavestrategy. There's a
tnysavestrategy implemented for Gtk+ which will support gnome-vfs if
--enable-gnome is turned on, and which will use a normal filesystem file
descriptor if not. Both the tnymsgview and the tnymozembedmsgview use
this one in the libtinymail-gnome-desktop platform implementation.

o. You can (therefore) now implement an alternate save strategy by
implementing a tnysavestrategyiface. The default implementation supports
(at this moment) both GnomeVFS and normal file systems (depends on a
compilation switch). This might be refactored to two types. For example
a tnyfssavestrategy and a tnyvfssavestrategy or an abstract base type
and those two files inheriting the abstract base type. Or something like
that (short notice about it: don't count on it being a single type).

o. Tinymail now as extensive version information. I tried to mimic what
the gtk+ libraries do for inserting version information.

o. Tinymail no longer exports functions that start with an underscore
(protected functions).

Conclusion: the implementer of a platform library has even greater
flexibility at his hands now. He can define how to save a file. How to
view a message (with or without a HTML component). How to get notified
about offline and online state of the device. And how to store accounts.

Tip: If your device doesn't have the feature of detecting online and
offline status, you can implement a TnyDeviceIface by inheriting a
GtkWidget like a GtkMenuItem or a GtkButton and add that widget to a
container in your main-ui or menus. Huraay for interfaces!

Companies or individuals experimenting with tinymail can throw questions
to me on IRC. I do prefer, for the most interesting questions, to ask
them here. That way will others enjoy the powers of archives.

Philip Van Hoof, software developer at x-tend 
home: me at pvanhoof dot be 
gnome: pvanhoof at gnome dot org 
work: vanhoof at x-tend dot be -

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