TnyMsgWindow now decorates TnyMsgViewIface


pvanhoof lort:~/repos/cronos/svn/tinymail/trunk$ svn commit -m
"TnyMsgWindow is now a decorator for TnyMsgView"
Sending        trunk/libtinymailui/tny-msg-window-iface.c
Sending        trunk/libtinymailui/tny-msg-window-iface.h
Sending        trunk/libtinymailui-gtk/tny-msg-window.c
Sending        trunk/tinymail/tny-summary-window.c
Transmitting file data ....
Committed revision 286.
pvanhoof lort:~/repos/cronos/svn/tinymail/trunk$

Make sure you check out the differences. You can find a sample in

msgview = tny_platform_factory_iface_new_msg_view (..);
msgwin = TNY_MSG_WINDOW_IFACE (tny_msg_window_new (msgview));
tny_msg_view_iface_set_msg (TNY_MSG_VIEW_IFACE (msgwin), 
		TNY_MSG_IFACE (msg));

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