Re: [tasque-list] [SOLVED ... more or less] Tasque doesn't run anymore

Il 08/07/2015 17:33, Adam Tauno Williams ha scritto:
On Wed, 2015-07-08 at 17:05 +0200, Alessandro Seno wrote:
[Info]: Using backend: Local File
Exception in Gtk# callback delegate
   Note: Applications can use GLib.ExceptionManager.UnhandledException
to handle the exception.
System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Argument is out of range.
   at System.DateTime.AddTicks (Int64 value) [0x00000] in <filename
This above is the 'root' of your issue.

It is occuring as the app is attempting to sort the tasks in the

   at Tasque.AbstractTask.CompareToByCompletionDate (ITask task)
[0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
   at Tasque.CompletedTasksSortModel.CompareTasksSortFunc (TreeModel
model, TreeIter a, TreeIter b) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0

It may be a bug [in Mono?] but possibly you have a task [somehow?] with
an invalid date-time?

Thank's Adam!

I restored the data file (sqlitebackend.db) from back-up, and now seems to be OK.

It is possible that it was an error in the database (in my opinion, also in the software, in order to prevent that similar errors could be crash the entire program). I remember that I changed the system time (by changing time zone) while running Tasque (because a trip in other country): it could be the problem?

I cannot read (I don't know how) the data file in other manner then using Tasque. So, I cannot find the invalid date-time.

In any case thank you, because you made me think of the error in the file, and to the idea to restore the old one!


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