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I am a new user of tasque.
I don't know where or how to put some new code, but I just changed a
few lines in "TodayTomorrowFormatter.cs".

line 35:
//removed by atn
                        if (string.Compare (t, TaskParser.Tomorrow,
true) == 0)
                                return DateTime.Now.AddDays (1);
                        else if (string.Compare (t, TaskParser.Today,
true) == 0)
                                return DateTime.Now;
//added by atn
                        if (TaskParser.Tomorrow.Contains(t))
                                return DateTime.Now.AddDays (1);
                        else if (TaskParser.Today.Contains(t))
                                return DateTime.Now;
//end of change

This allowed me to have more than one translation for today and
tomorrow (I have tasque in french) and therefore use some shotcuts, the
equivalent to td for today and tmr or tm for tomorrow.

I hope you will help me send some code to the best spot so it can
benefit all users.
And of course, I would love to see this added to the official release
(like on a .deb?).

Thanks for your work,

PS: And I plan to work on a few things for the offline mode... We will see about that one

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