Re: [tasque-list] Ubuntu 11.04

You're right. Unity rejects displaying tray icons that are not white-listed.
To white-list tasque do the following:
- install dconf-tools if it they're not installed (sudo apt-get
install dconf-tools)
- fire up dconf-editor
- navigate to desktop > unity > panel
- add 'Tasque' to the listed elements in "systray-whitelist"
- log off an on again. Fire up tasque. You should see the tray icon in
the right upper area.

see more info's on white-listing tray icons here:

Hope that helps.


2011/7/25 Henrique Uzêda <heinrique03 gmail com>:
> Hey Nils, thanks for answering!
> If i were using Ubuntu 10.10, or older, the task bar menu would probally
> work.
> But ubuntu 11 uses Unity! Its similar to mac's Dock and is not the common
> task bar that would have those options...
> and the top menu only displays "Tasque", but no File, nor Options menu.

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