[tasque-list] How do I get it to run?

OK.  I know this sounds funny but I can't get Tasque to 'work'.

I have Ubuntu 9.04 and I installed 1.8 through Synaptic. 
When I click on Tasque (under Office in the Applications menu) I get a
Tasque window opening and (on the bottom left) it says "Not connected."
and there is no other info or buttons etc... to try to get it

(I did try "tasque --help" but was not able to work-out if (or which)
switch could help me.) 

How do I 'connect'?

(I do recall that the first time I ran Tasque I did not complete the
connection to RTM.)

I did look for a help file or forum for help.  Do these exist
somewhere?  This does not seem to be the type of thing that the FAQ
covers.  Should I put this in the FAQ and/or bug report?


Henry H

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