Re: [tasque-list] Keyboard shortcut for creating a task

On 01/28/2009 12:07 AM, Anirudh Sanjeev wrote:

I'd love to use a keyboard shortcut to quickly add tasks.

You can also right-click on that Tasque icon in your notification area and select "New Task...".

> While gnome-do
> has support for adding tasks to tasque, it's too much of a workaround
> and requires some other packages to work.

What other packages do you mean? If you are on Ubuntu, there is a gnome-do PPA that lets you easily get the latest version without having to compile anything. Then you just enable the Tasque plugin in the gnome-do preferences.

For those who've never used it before, it works likes this:

1. Summon gnome-do (win+space)
2. Start typing "new task" until you see the first item change to "Create a New Task". (Do is smart, and you'll probably only have to type "new t")
3. Hit tab, and type your task text.
4. Hit enter, and your new task appears in Tasque.

> Also, does tasque support dbus or some other form of RPC interface for
> reading and writing tasks?

Yes; Tasque support in gnome-do is implemented through use of Tasque's dbus interface. You can use a dbus browser like d-feet to explore the interface, or just look at RemoteControl.cs in Tasque SVN to see available methods.


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