[tasque-list] Adding a custom column

Hi, I'm new to this list, but I'm very pleased with tasque, and have high hopes for it.

At the moment I'm trying to add a column to detail the number of days remaining until a tasks due date.

In the file TaskTreeView.cs, I believe I need to add a section like this:

            // Days-Left Column
            column = new Gtk.TreeViewColumn ();
            // Title for Days Left Column
            column.Title = Catalog.GetString ("Daysleft");
            //column.Sizing = Gtk.TreeViewColumnSizing.
            column.Sizing = Gtk.TreeViewColumnSizing.Fixed;
            column.Alignment = 0.5f;
            column.FixedWidth = 30;
            column.Resizable = false;
            column.Clickable = false;


            AppendColumn (column);

Hopefully this will successfully create my column, but I'm not sure how to add the logic to look up the due date, and find the number of days between the current date and due date.  That's what I was hoping for some help with.

Cheers all.


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