Re: [system-tools] Allowing password-less connexions

I am a new reader, so I apologize for any really obvious idiocy upon my part.  Is this feature supposed to make it possible to log in as a regular user and do password-free sudo commands? or is it intended to make a basic user a defacto root-user (which would do away with the sudoers log entry for whatever the user might do).  I can see some point to the former but wouldn't they both be security holes waiting for exploit?  Personally, I see the effortless admin access of Windows to be one of the major flaws of the windows model.  Yes, I can see that this is a voluntary change and everybody should be allowed to endanger their home pc as much as they like, but why would one wish to encourage linux-based bot-nets?

Wolf Halton
Computer Security and Penetration Testing (2007)

Milan Bouchet-Valat  wrote:

Date: Sun, 04 May 2008 18:19:48 +0200
From: Milan Bouchet-Valat
Subject: [system-tools] Allowing password-less connexions
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Hi! I was discussing on GDM's list of implementing a graphical way to
allow users to login through GDM and gnome-screensaver without entering
their password. ?I'd like to code it and it may well be that users-admin
is the place it should go into. This is a much wanted feature that is
preserving security for remote login and administrative tasks.

It is easy to set up using PAM: you need to modify /etc/pam.d/gdm.conf
so that it contains this:
"auth sufficient sense=allow file=/etc/gdm/nopassword

What we only need is a GUI to select which users will be listed in this
file. First I thought gdm-setup would be the place to do that, but now I
believe it would be nice to put it in users-admin. See my post to the
GDM list. I'd liek to get your comments about this.


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Date: Sun, 04 May 2008 18:07:32 +0200

I've just read the answer Martin got last time he raised this issue.
Obviously distro-specific PAM will be a problem - but what would be nice
is that a distribution wanting to enable this feature can do this
easily. For this we would need mostly a GUI, since PAM files are anyway
written by the distros.

After thinking a little more, I though that maybe it would be more
logical and easier to add a checkbox in the users profiles in
users-admin (from gnome-system-tools) allowing to skip password check in
GDM/gnome-screensaver. This option would just write the username to a
file (/etc/gdm-nopasswd.list, /etc/nopasswd.list or so...).
Distributions would have to choose between updating pam.d conf files
accordingly so that this is working, or disabling/hiding this feature
(via a GConf key for example).

Adding this in GDM would require more work and an extended interface,
and moreover the per-user approach may be more friendly than configuring
the login screen (system-wide).

Any comments/criticisms? I'm contacting the g-s-t team to hear what they
think of it, and I CC the gdm-list.


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