Re: [system-tools] new distro with gnome-system-tools

On Tuesday 01 August 2006 03:12, Rajasekaran J. wrote:
> Hi,


>      we developed debian based distro and we installed
> Gnome System Tools, but when we click application-->system
> tools-->networking, pop ups with two window one is networking  settings
> window and another window listing the number of linux destributions.How to
> suppress a window which listing out the linux distributions.
You need to add support for your distro modifying the network backend. See the 
scripts in something like /usr/share/system-network-backends/scripts/network, 
it seems the way the backends work have changed recently and I'm not familiar 
with them ATM so I can't give you more clues for now.

Anyway, I'll have to have a peek at them too in these days. Maybe if you 
haven't figured it out when I do it I can give you a hand with it.

Juan Luis Baptiste

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