Re: [system-tools] [PATCH] Support for several network backend platforms

Hi !!

On Thursday 29 December 2005 12:46, Carlos Garnacho wrote:
> The patch seems Ok, a couple of comments:
> - I agree with you that the indenting in the backends is far from what
> it ought to be, but please, don't mix reindenting of large pieces of
> code with changes in it, it took me >1h to review it, and I'm still not
> sure that i've spotted all the typos.

Oh, I'm sorry then...

> - In, given that the base distro for ubuntu/kubuntu is
> Ubuntu itself, I'd label the description "Ubuntu Linux foo", not
> "Kubuntu ..." (or, at least, label it "(K)Ubuntu")

It makes sence...

> - In, the description for ark should be "Ark Linux", not
> "Arkark Linux"

That must be a typo, of course it should be "Ark Linux".
> I'll review it again later today and commit it, thanks for the patch :)

No problemo ;)

Juan Luis Baptiste

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