Re: [system-tools] [PATCH] Support for several network backend platforms

On Mon, 2005-12-19 at 16:28 -0500, Juan Luis Baptiste wrote:
> Hi,
> Here I send a patch that adds support to the network backend for the following 
> platforms:
> - Yoper Linux 2.2
> - Ark Linux
> - Mandriva 2006.0 and 2006.1 (Cooker)
> - Fedora 4 
> - Ubuntu/Kubuntu 5.10 and 6.04.
> Also the Yoper Linux  logo is attached. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE review the 
> patch soon, more than six months ago I sent the yoper linux patch and I never 
> got any feedback about it, and now when I applied it again against the 

My fault, sorry...

> current CVS tree it conflicted and I had to redo it all over again, I don't 
> want to have to do the same with this patch that is a lot bigger than that 
> old one.
> The patch is against 12-18-2005.

The patch seems Ok, a couple of comments:

- I agree with you that the indenting in the backends is far from what
it ought to be, but please, don't mix reindenting of large pieces of
code with changes in it, it took me >1h to review it, and I'm still not
sure that i've spotted all the typos.
- In, given that the base distro for ubuntu/kubuntu is
Ubuntu itself, I'd label the description "Ubuntu Linux foo", not
"Kubuntu ..." (or, at least, label it "(K)Ubuntu")
- In, the description for ark should be "Ark Linux", not
"Arkark Linux"

I'll review it again later today and commit it, thanks for the patch :)


> Cheers
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