Re: [system-tools]extend gst to morphix liveCD

Hi Olivier,

first of all, sorry for the long delay, the late days haven't been very
good for concentrating in gst...

El mar, 09-03-2004 a las 16:54, +0100, Olivier escribió:

> Hello,
> I'm working on a GNU/Linux distribution based on morphix for the 
> promotion in Geneva. The hard part is to include configurator tools for 
> network, ADSL, screen, etc.
> I have tried the gst network, but it doesn't work. Gst detect that I 
> have a debian box, it is true and false.

yeah, the gst backends guess the system looking in /etc/
debian_version, /etc/redhat_release... or whatever, so if that file
still exists in morphix takes that rough guess :)

if morphix has another file like those, you might want to have a look at
backends/ and see how the guessing works

> So, I'm looking if it possible to adapt gst to morphix with a set of 
> special file for the configuration.

yes, of course, as you can see in there are two sets of

* gst_network_get_parse_table () and gst_network_get_replace_table ()
are used for getting and setting the network general configuration, it
simply returns a hash table divided in distros telling where and how to
get or set the information, ie, for debian there's a line such as:

[ "hostname",      \&gst_parse_line_first,        HOSTNAME ],

where HOSTNAME is a var containing "/etc/hostname",
&gst_parse_line_first is a generic function that returns the first line
of the arg passed (HOSTNAME, that is) and "hostname" is the xml tag in
which such information will be inserted.

for more generic functions for parsing and replacing you can have a look
at backends/ and backends/, those make pretty
rare the need of writing new custom ones

* for interfaces specific info there are the
gst_network_get_interface_parse_table() and
gst_network_get_interface_replace_table() functions, which work in the
same way than the former ones

Generally all the distro specific stuff is written in hash tables
depending on the distro, so there should be some more places you might
want to change something

> But, I cant find any documentation about this? Can you help me with some 
> links or references.

unfortunately, there's still no written documentation about this :/, I
hope that all I've told you and asking here in the mailing list or in
the IRC (I usually hang there until late nights in GMT+1 timezone) will
be enough at the moment

It's really great to see people interested in porting the gst to new
distros, thanks and sorry again for the delay


> Olivier
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