Re: [system-tools] CVS Branched

I have an application for dialing PPPoE, PPPoA and PPPTP applications,
you might find it interesting, here is the link:

The PPPoE support already works, as i use it every day, but it's
obviously a little deviant from GST concept/objective.

Take care,

Tiago Cogumbreiro

On Sun, 2004-08-08 at 19:04, Carlos Garnacho wrote:
> Hi all,
> Fixing bugs is fun, but even more is coding new features, and even more
> when one runs out of bugs to fix for 1.0
> So I've just branched the CVS for developing on new features/tools for
> 1.2 (the branch name is development-for-1-2) and here are some thoughts
> about the features that I'd like to work on:
> General changes
> ===============
> we clearly need a friendlier way of handling passwords for not having to
> type it every time we run a tool, there are several options:
> - Using gnome-keyring: a password can be stored only for the current
> session, so we could use this feature for asking password only if it
> wasn't already stored in the session for this user
> - Using an "unlock" button a-la MacOS: it could allow to preview data as
> a normal user, but unblock the GUI if you're wishing to make changes. It
> makes the password dialog less intrusive, but has some issues (i.e.:
> some config files are not readable by normal users, so the GUI would
> show up empty)
> - A mixture of these both
> Users tool
> ==========
> It's quite nice as it is, but it could be even nicer if we would make
> more friendly the groups stuff. My idea was to put an <allows_to> tag to
> the groups so we could make people think "ok, I need this user to access
> cdrom and modem" instead "ok, I need to add this user to cdrom,dip and
> dialout"
> Another random idea provided was to allow the backends to modify LDAP as
> well as local passwd/shadow/group files, all this handled as transparent
> as possible
> Time tool
> =========
> Right now it configures NTP servers, it could be also nice to configure
> NTP clients with the same config, so we can have our local computer and
> our whole network in time :)
> Services tool
> =============
> it could be nice adding support for parsing inetd conf, those are
> services that start/stop on boot time, so the concept is the same
> Network tool
> ============
> This one is worth of many changes:
> - We need to ease the access to the profiles, right now the file in
> which the profiles are stored is only accessible by root, which is
> secure, but at least we need a way of letting users know which profiles
> exist without being root, this has obvious advantages
> - instead of letting the tool configure eth0,1,2... interfaces, even
> when they doesn't exist, provide already a fixed list of existing
> interfaces, which can be already configured or not, it would require a
> XML change, but would bring lots of advantages and portability fixes
> - Make the tool more location/profile oriented
> - adding PPPoE support would be really nice, but I don't even know
> anyone that has this kind of connection, so I need external help for
> supporting this
> Disks tool
> ==========
> Carlos Garc�Campos is already working on this, it's a tool for
> accessing disks, formatting, etc, it's quite alpha, but it's progressing
> nicely
> Shares tool
> ===========
> AFAIK There's no integrated and friendly tool in the GNOME world for
> sharing files through SMB/NFS, and a tool like this fits perfectly in
> the GST concept. It could be integrated with nautilus for just right
> clicking and sharing :)
> So it's all I've thought, any opinion/help/code/whatever will be very
> welcome
> 	any opinion? :)
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