Re: [Setup-tool-hackers] Mandrake 9.1 support

Carlos Garnacho Parro wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>I downloaded the latest release from a mirror of Mandrake contrib, as it
>>was a contrib RPM I expected GST to work on my (cooker updated to) 9.1
>>box, but that doesn't happen, every tool I launch hangs (Segmentation
>>fault) with this message:
>>[roby@odin cvs]$ time-admin
>>** ERROR **: file vte.c: line 6958 (vte_terminal_process_incoming):
>>assertion failed: (_vte_buffer_length(terminal->pvt->incoming) > 0)
>>It seems to be VTE related, any idea? are the tools working on other
>>Mandrake Linux 9.1 installations?
> did it work on mandrake 9.0? I (at last) have a spare 3GB HDD, and have
> Mandrake 9.0 isos at home, I'll give it a try and see what happens (and
> I'll be able to work on mandrake network configuration too :-P)

It didn't work on 9.0 either, unfortunately I no longer have a 9.0 box 

> Any other interesting data should be: when does it hang exactly? just when
> executing, when entering the password...? which kernel version do you
> have?

This is how it works:

- I launch the tool from a terminal;
- I'm prompted for root password, which I supply;
- immediately after that, the standard GNOME error message ("The 
application "time-admin" (process 5733) has been terminated due to a 
fatal error (Segmentation fault)" beware, I'm translating from italian 
here :) pops up;
- when I close the error message, two new dialog windows pop up: another 
error message (ending with "Aborted" instead of "Segmentation fault") 
and a warning about the root password being incorrect;
- at the same time, the following message is printed in the terminal window:

** ERROR **: file vte.c: line 6958 (vte_terminal_process_incoming): 
assertion failed: (_vte_buffer_length(terminal->pvt->incoming) > 0)

- if I choose to run the tool without password, only the first warning 
pops up, and no message error in the terminal;
- if I purposefully enter the wrong password, only the warning about the 
root password being incorrect pops up, and the tool isn't launched.

Hope this helps :)


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