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I thought this was going to the list last time. I 
guess, I don't pay enough attention sometimes. :)
If anyone has webmin questions I can probably help
with details. 

On Monday 02 July 2001 11:09 am, you wrote:
> Apparently there is a thing called 'WebMin'
>, that is a system admin tool written in perl.
> It administers [ in modular form ]: postgresql, mysql, bootup &
> shutdown, DNS, crontab, samba, apache, backup/restore ) + commercial
> modules for ISPs ( apparently - according to this dodgy geeezer I met =)
> 	Might be worth looking at, very ugly in some ways, but 2 years
> old and possibly interesting for research.
> 	Regards,
> 		Michael.

Yea it's real nice from the "services" perspective, and lacking in the 
UI/Authentication/Authorization/daemon design imho. 

I've been trying to hint around to Jamie(main author) about WebMin 
xml services, but it seems to be a "you code it" type of thing atm. Jamie
just lost his job at caldera also. So I dunno where the future is with the 

If you check into the code, it gets a little messy. :) The modules
are nice, but the main pieces are everywhere it seems. At least
there is plenty of comments in the code. 

Overall besides the quirks, Webmin works great, does what you want
most of the time, and has been a useful program for us.


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