Report, 20010112

Since friday, I've:

- Added a cache to be_locate_tool(). This means that locating a system
  utility, like fstab, swapon or diff, can be done repeatedly without
  compromising speed. Also, the tool will only report success/failure once
  per utility, instead of once per locate. Backends no longer need to
  store the result from be_locate_tool() in their own variables.

- Added a new function, be_run(). This replaces most calls to system() in the
  backends. It locates the first word in the string to be run (so you don't
  have to specify a path) and redirects output so it doesn't interfere with
  the backend's operation.

- Gone over the backends and changed as many instances of system() as I could
  find, to be_run(). Paths were even hardcoded in some places, so everything
  should be a lot more robust now.

- Added progress output on --set to all backends, and made the --get progress
  more sane in some cases. So the progressbars won't just jump from 0% to
  100% anymore.

- Added Jacob and Anna to the AUTHORS file.

- Updated copyright headers: "Helix Code" -> "Ximian", "2000" -> "2000-2001".

- Updated e-mail addresses: "" -> "".

- Had a couple of beers and flipped through two books of "erotic photography"
  (i.e. porn) with a friend.

- Had my picture taken, wearing a German WWII helmet.

Hans Petter

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