Re: [Setup-tool-hackers] glade thought

> So a thought occured to me:
> We should move the dialog which has the close / apply buttons to its
> own glade file and just have each child's contents (the notebook) in
> their glade files.
> This keeps with the src/common and src/<tool> split we have in the
> code, so that if we change the main dialog layout in the code we only
> have to change it once in the glade.
> Are there any objectives to doing this in the next week or two?

I like the idea and I can do it. But we can't just have child's contents
in glade files. Everything has to have a parent window. There's two

(1) Make all tools' main windows like they are, but without separator and
buttons on the bottom and general glade file, with separator and
buttons. Then we can reparent separator and buttons from general file to
tools' main window at the runtime.

(2) The same, but reparent main tools' widget (notebook, etc) to general
window with buttons and put that window's title in progammatically.

So my guestion basically is: which one should get reparented, tool's own
content or buttons from generic file?


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