[Setup-tool-hackers] memory-admin


> Arturo's spoken to Tambet, and I think Tambet agreed to work on making
> the Memory backend/frontend perfect. Right now it's slightly shaky.

I've updated memory admin:

* memory-admin fixes: added unselect_row callcback to memory_list
  widget. Added new function memory_actions_set_sensitive and removed
  function enable_buttons.

* memory-admin backend: Added debugging support.
  Made it using be_locate_tool.
  Switched hardcoded /proc/meminfo to variable.

* memory-admin fixes: Don't yell to user! Bad hacker! (made error dialogs
  more polite.) Added new function my_xml_get_content. I really feel it
  should get moved to common/xml.c and renamed to xml_get_child_content.
  Create dialog sets initial focus to Path entry from now on, if that path
  exsists or is empty, dialog window won't get closed but initial focus
  will be set. Made size spinbuttons display one decimal digit and
  modified code accordingly. Made memory_list CList's columns autosized
  and justified to center. Made i18n.

Is it still "shaky"? What else is there to be done?


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