Results, past week

> Things to fix
> -------------
> - When EMap zooms out, the visible area doesn't center on the old centered
>   position, but instead keeps the old adjustment offset, scaled to the new
>   map size. [Hans Petter]


> - When EMap zooms in, it doesn't scroll to show as much as possible around
>   the area that's zoomed to, before it starts zooming. It does so afterwards,
>   which sometimes makes the view jump (ugly). I'd like to see a smooth scroll
>   here, possibly using an acceleration-plateau-deceleration approach, so it's
>   consistent with the smooth-zoom hack. [Hans Petter]


> - Shares and Disks need to check if a specified mount point exists, and if it
>   doesn't, ask the user if she wants it created, then create it if she
>   confirms. This should happen right after the point in question is
>   specified, i.e. before the mount information dialog closes. It could have
>   three buttons - a) Create (default), b) Don't create, c) Back to dialog.
>   Of course, the naming can be different.

NOT DONE. If any of you can manage this before sunday evening/monday morning,
I'd appreciate it.

> - Buttons that don't complete an action immediately, but starts an interface
>   procedure, like a dialog, should have "..." tacked to the end of their
>   names.

Not pertinent.

> - Shares-admin always sets a comment of "0" in exported shares. Probably a
>   Perl oddity that popped up during the move to [Hans Petter]


> - Enable the tools to su themselves, while we wait for a release of
>   root-manager and/or console-helper. This is the biggest gripe people have
>   now, and I've heard it three or four times already. We might use the hack
>   from the Stormix distribution (?), that talks to su through a pty (I'll try
>   to find the message that mentions that). If that fails, we can just chop
>   our own heads off and make the tools +s, using a crypt() check.
>   Particulary important because it keeps novice users from trying out the
>   tools, and we really need them to.

Doing this today.

> - Users can't change passwords yet.

Done by Arturo and Tambet.

> - Progress indicators should be set to 100% and stay visible for one second
>   of time before they go away. Windows that flicker in and out of existence
>   too quickly to see what they are, make users uneasy.


Hans Petter

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