Re: [Setup-tool-hackers] Re: [HST] Plans for coming week - pleaseread

>> First, it's nice to see we got pretty much attention with the
>> release. That's another reason why we should make releases more often :)
>> I have question concerning 0.2.1. We agreed with Arturo we'll change
>> users-admin's GtkLists to GtkCLists. Should I do it before 0.2.1 or
>> after? I think I can do it before 0.2.1, so should I?

> I think that if we are switching to something, we should switch to
> ETable (which is part of the Gal libraries) instead of using GtkCList.

I think it's okay to do this before 0.2.1, as it's relatively simple.
Switching to ETable will take a little more time, and this is a bugfix

We also have to work with Taylor and Anna on the layout of the new ETable

Hans Petter

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