Re: [Setup-tool-hackers] Today's advances.

> We really need a test machine with lots of distros installed here at the
> office in Mexico, but just to think about installing all those dirty
> distributions makes me dizzy.

What we have:

- Red Hat 7.0 on Sloth. If you break it, it will heal itself when you reboot.
- Red Hat 6.2 on our own boxes (at least mine).
- Red Hat 6.0 on my laptop (showing mild signs of breakage which I'm trying
  to fix).
- Debian Potato, dual-boot with Windows on Joakim's Malleus.

Also there's a Slackware guy doing testing for us now.

I think the most important distros are Debian, RH6.2 and RH7.0, but we need
to make it somewhat open-ended so it'll work on Solaris and (shudder) HP-UX

Hans Petter

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