Re: Using sysprof with 64bits linux

Le 06/05/2017 à 22:21, Christian Hergert a écrit :
I have tried both the old style version on my antique unbuntu 12.04 and
the new 3.34.1 on ubuntu 17.10. On this last one, the capture stored here
shows the kind of result that I obtain when looking at the src/lyx
process. I doubt that all the action happens in some weird kernel

Can you try recording with `sudo perf record` and then display the
recording with `sudo perf report`? I'm curious if you get different
output than we are displaying. If so, we definitely need to investigate
a bug. If not, we need to improve kernel perf :)

I have done that (keeping the -O2 optimization level). The perf report -g output is reasonable:

What shall I do from there (other than switching to perf, of course :)?


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