sysprof 3.24 planning

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to let people know about what I've been working on lately. Now that GNOME 3.22 is out the door I've been playing around with new ideas for Sysprof.

The basic gist is "visualizers".

As the sysprof capture format now supports generic counters, we can do some interesting things. We can start capturing cpu and memory usage, network traffic, GPU counters, Gtk/Clutter frame clock timing, etc etc

I've only implemented the CPU usage collector as part of the prototype, but it looks something like this:

You can play with this on the wip/visualizers branch.

For this to get merged to master, I still need to implement selection support so that we can rebuild the callgraph based on the selected area. I think this will be particularly useful when diving into a particular hot spot.

Another important thing I'd like to fix this cycle is support for extracting symbols from the target machine. We currently do symbol resolution when building the callgraph (where as pre-3.20 we resolved at the end of the capture and then saved a XML file with resolved symbol names). This will allow us to have a hybrid approach where we can extract symbols when possible, but also point to a symbols directory in case the profiled machine has stripped binaries.

Something that is on my radar, but has had very little investigative work is remote profiling. I'd like to be able to SSH into a host and run the profiler remotely. This will help us in Builder as we start to support external hardware like tablets, phones, IoT, etc.


-- Christian

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