Re: Treemap for sysprof


> I'm a big fan and user of sysprof.

Glad you like it.

> After using applications which visualize resource allocations using
> treemaps, sysprof seems to me to ripe for just this feature. It's one
> I would greatly appreciate myself.
> Three examples of applications implementing this (with slightly
> different treemap concepts) are  gdmap, baobab and kcachgrind (which
> incidentally is used very similarly to sysprof)
> Example screen shots:
>   gdmap:
>   baobab:
>   kcachegrind:
> I've started to hack apart gdmap to pull out its treemap
> implementation for a proof of concept for sysprof.
> If there's interest I'd be interested in cleaning it up for
> integration, or trying to do the same for baobab's ring based treemap
> if there was more interest there.

It's a feature that has been suggested from time to time, so there is
clearly some interest in it, and I agree it would be a useful new

The main concern I would have with adding a tree map view to Sysprof is
whether it can be integrated with the rest of the UI in a clean
way. With the current three-pane layout, it would be fairly
straightforward to just add new View->tree/tree radio menu items and
have them switch between Tree and Tree Map views.

However, this branch:

contains an experimental new UI that removes two of the three panes and
simply shows all the data in one big tree. I have been using it for a
while and think it's mostly an improvement on the current UI, so I'm
considering switching to it for the 1.3.x series. A downside though is
that it's much less obvious how to integrate a tree map view there.

Comments appreciated on that.


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