Announce: Sysprof 1.1.8 system-wide CPU profiler for Linux

Sysprof 1.1.8 is now available. This is a release candidate for a
1.2.0 stable release.

Sysprof is a sampling system-wide CPU profiler for Linux. The 1.1.8
version is based on the perf counter interface in 2.6.31 kernels and
will not work with earlier kernels.

Sysprof web site:
Git:                    git://
Sysprof mailing list:

Please send patches and bug reports to the sysprof mailing list.


Log since 1.1.6:

Damien Lespiau (4):
      Add a .gitignore file
      tracker: Silence a debug message
      cli: Allow to get samples from single pid
      tracker: Fix the map look up

Javier Jardón (3): Use autoreconf
      Remove INSTALL file, It's autogenerated
      build: Update autotools configuration a bit

Søren Sandmann Pedersen (7):
      Post-release version bump to 1.1.7
      Right align the samples label
      Call gdk_flush() in set_busy().
      footreestore: Eliminate some type checks that were showing up on profiles
      Don't compute CRC32s that we know will fail.
      Speed up map locating in tracker.c
      Pre-release version bump to 1.1.8


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