[Snowy] Moving forward with the edge tomboy online instance

As of now, https://edge.tomboy-online.org is online and fully
operational. The non-secure version will redirect to the secure
version thanks to mod_rewrite all automagically.

== openid-selector ==
After seeing openid-selector on the login page for bitbucket it was
clear we needed something similar (and it is awful pretty). There is a
shiney screenshot[1] for the curious. The code is on github in the
features/openid-selector branch[2].

This branch is not merge ready. Right now, I need your help in testing
it out. It is close to ready, but there are some issues which need
ironing out first.

=== verified to work for me ===
 * Gmail
 * MySpace
 * Launchpad
 * AOL
 * Yahoo

=== issues ===
Livejournal: "This is an OpenID server endpoint, not a human-readable
resource. For more information, see http://openid.net/";. Googling that
string returned this code[3]

Wordpress.com works sort of. If you leave the "Full name" field empty,
which is the default, snowy throws a traceback:
Request URL:	http://localhost:8000/accounts/openid/registration/
Exception Type:	ValueError
Exception Value:	
need more than 0 values to unpack
Exception Location:	/home/jeff/snowy/lib/django_openid_auth/auth.py in
_extract_user_details, line 214

Blogger: "OpenID discovery error: HTTP Response status from identity
URL host is not 200. Got status 404"

Next up, tonight is to poke at bug

[1] http://www.digitalprognosis.com/pics/snowy-openid-selector.png
[2] http://github.com/SEJeff/snowy/commits/features/openid-selector
[3] http://www.ctyalcove.org/~elizabeth/openid.phps CTRL f search for
"not a human-readable"

Jeff Schroeder

Don't drink and derive, alcohol and analysis don't mix.

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