[Shotwell] How to delete pictures which have been removed from the library?

Dear Shotwell Team:

I would like to ask for your advice how to deal with the following problem in Shotwell.  Over the years, I have deleted photos in my Shotwell library by just pressing the delete key, or by selecting "remove photos from library" instead of "remove photos from library and move to thrash".  As a consequence, I have now thousands of dead pictures in hundreds of directories.  They are under ~/Pictures, but not contained in my Shotwell library.  My question is how to have them moved to thrash.

The issue is posted under:

The managers advised me to reach out to the mailing list.  In my opinion, it would be a nice feature in Shotwell to have a menu option to purify the directory which contains the Shotwell library.   While I can delete the pictures by hand one by one, this process is extremely tedious and should be automated, perhaps by writing a shell script.

Thanks for considering my inquiry regarding how to delete obsolete pictures, and my request to add this option as a feature to Shotwell!

Best regards,



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