Re: [Shotwell] Development environment setup or "How to build shotwell from source?"

Since none of the major distributions ships OpenCV with DNN
you have might have to build it yourself. There are several

Hmm, actually Debian *has* libopencv-dnn, but ... unfortunately the
opencv used in the face recognition is opencv 3, while in
Debian we have now OpenCV 4.

Oh nice. 

I tried to fix detection by changing the pkg-config call to use
as name, so the libs etc are found, but then compilation breaks down.

It would be nice to get this to a modern standard.

Yeah that is somewhere on the agenda for 0.32, I just forgot to make
that a ticket (done now:

Also the compiler bounds checks regarding arrays and memsetting C++
classes I see when compiling OpenCV 3 are a bit unsettling, 

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