Re: [Shotwell] Development environment setup or "How to build shotwell from source?"

this page is a bit outdate.

First you need to install OpenCV. In Debian/Ubuntu use:
sudo apt install libopencv-dev
(I don't know the command in Fedora)

After you should enable the face detection in meson command:
meson -Dface-detection=true build/
Other steps are described in the page you send.

You may have library version problems. If you have any issue tell us
which operational system you are using and its version.


2020-03-05 11:34 GMT-03:00, robfech gmx de <robfech gmx de>:
Hello, i'm interested in contributing to shotwell, but i'm a bit clumsy to
set up the development environment with all it's dependencies.

Could somebody give me a quick overview of his or hers setup process,

I've also checked the wiki, but i had my
problems especially with the installation of OpenCV and DNN stuff.
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