[Shotwell] shotwell sorting criteria

I liked Shotwell so much, I got a windows version (0.4.3), not quite as good as the linux version.

I am having sorting problems with the windows ver where a number of photos are being sorted to the incorrect date. I attempted to correct this by setting the "Taken Date" to the correct date and this then caused another problem where some of the photos were not added to either the photo or events list. However even worse, Shotwell indicates photos are already in the library and were not added, but there are no photos to see anywhere. I have tried to uninstall Shotwell and get the same result "photos already in library". I have tried deleting the data base file and reinstalling Shotwell with the same results. I have also tried "removing" but not deleting the photos from Shotwell, results are still not satisfactory.

What field does Shotwell use to sort the files?

How do I delete the library to force Shotwell to import all the photos?

I do like the system Shotwell sets up to organize the photos, Year/Month/Day which I why I am so stubborn in trying to sort this out.

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